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One Million Pebbles

English Eccentric is a Rolling Stone!

The One Million Pebbles project continues to generate interest to both the public and the media, with media organisations around the world contacting Pete to talk about the project.

The Portsmouth Evening News kicked off this wave of interest by elevating Pete to the status of an 'English Eccentric' (a title he has always aspired to!) with a very positive editorial article about the project, and Pete would like to thank them for their support.

Following The News article, Pete has had further interest from various organisations, including a slightly cynical article by The Daily Mail, as well as a radio interview with BBC Radio Solent and others. More links to follow.

Still Rocking in 2009 2010!

The hand-made ceramic pebbles continue to be found on Southsea Beach and still continue to be dispersed around the world with the help of enthusiastic tourists and travellers.

I have added some new photos of a pit firing experiment on the page, and we have finally found a kind sponsor who is firing the remaining 300 buckets of clay pebbles in their pottery. Thank you, Jayne Chapman, from The Pottery Café in Winchester, Hampshire.

The final throwing of pebbles on Southsea beach will take place in summer 2010 only sixteen years after it started! Let me know if wish to kept informed of this event, or if you know a tosser who can help!

One Million Pebbles Moves On!

To coincide with final pebble throwing, a new website is about to be launched where people can upload images of the pebbles they have found on Southsea beach (and beyond). The web site will enable pebble finders to view galleries, upload photos, and write comments. Who knows - perhaps the site will reunite pebbles with their original owners...

About One Million Pebbles

This project was initiated by Pete Codling.

A city wide art project making clay pebbles with the public. They are personalised, number stamped and fired in a kiln. Then they are thrown into the sea for others to find in the future. I have reached half a million so far.

Contact Pete Codling

If you would like to contact Pete Codling regarding projects, commissions, sculpture in schools and colleges or prints for sale, please use the online form.