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Pete Codling - The artist

Pete Codling - Profile

Born in 1969, studied in Portsmouth and London.

Lives in Hayling Island, Hampshire, UK.

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One Million Pebbles Moves On...

The One Million Pebbles project has made a splash in the local and national press as interest in the project continues.

Sketches & Prints for Sale

Visit the 'drawings' section of this site to see a slideshow.

If you would like to commission a site-specific drawing or portrait, please use the online form to get in touch.

Website Redesign

If you've visited Pete Codling's web site before, you'll notice a few changes.

This site is designed to be more visually interactive and easier to use.

To help us improve the site further, we always welcome your feedback.

Quote of the Day

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” Anon

News & Information

Welcome to the new web site

If you've visited my web site before, you'll notice a few changes. It should now be easier to view all of the art projects by using the navigation panel on the left side of the screen. Click the links to visit each project page and see a slideshow of the work.

To help us improve the site further, we always welcome your feedback.

New Work

In summer 2008 The Arts Council of England gave me an award to help create a new body of work. Over the next year, I will be looking for new inspiration and evaluating the past fifteen years of commissioned work.

This new work is a much needed break from 'public art commissions' and is a more 'self indulgent' and traditional artistic pursuit, commenting on the 'human condition.'

As part of this award, I will be traveling through Italy - 'walking through the history of art' and exploring Tuscany - a favourite haunt of all the great modern British artists.

According to UNESCO, Tuscany has more heritage sites and artworks per square km/ mile than anywhere else in the world.


A significant part of this new work will involve creating a series of large scale charcoal drawings and smaller sculptures.

These works - along with glycee prints and water colours from the Tuscan sketch books - will be available to view and purchase on a separate website later in the year.

Let me know if you want a link to this new site when it is ready.

Loooking for an agent...

I am looking for a suitable agent or gallery for this new work (mainly large charcoal drawings) Please contact me if you know one.

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